The STa”M Project

Restoring transparency and reliability to the field of Sifrei Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzos

The Issue

Mezuzos, Tefillin, Sifrei Torah, etc., have long been produced by individuals working independently, with no supervision. As a result, there are countless stories of STa”M articles which have been in use for years – or even decades – and subsequently discovered to be invalid. Even more alarming, countless Jews around the world are still using STa”M every day, unaware that it does even meet the most basic standards of halacha.


What KOSHER agencies did for FOOD,
STAMP is now doing for the field of STa"M

Who We Are

STAMP is a nonprofit organization whose sole mission is to restore transparency and reliability to the field of STa”M (Sifrei Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzos, Megillos and Nevi’im). Our activity is under the direct supervision of five of the industry’s leading authorities: Rav Chaim Sperling, Rav Moshe Uri Bloi, Rav Don Bricker, Rav Yaakov Zions and Rav Reuvain Mendlowitz shlit”a.

STAMP was founded in 2019 by its director, Rabbi Avraham Yechezkel Lessin.

We accomplish our mission in 3 ways:


Create a worldwide STa”M market that is 100% transparent and regulated.


Educate the public about STa”M and its halachic complexities, thereby empowering the consumer to make informed purchases.


Provide guidance to the public for all STa”M-related needs.

Our Meticulous Certifcation Process:

Sofer passes STAMP certification test.
Item written with STAMP - approved materials (i.e. klaf and ink).
Item is checked by two STAMP Magihim (certified STa"M checkers).
STAMP Rabbonim review Magihim's work.
Item is reviewed by STAMP's new state-of-the-art computer checking system that identifies issues with staggering accuracy and protects against various forms of fraudulent activity.
Item is assigned an ID card bearing a unique QR code that contains the item's full history and biography. The item and the card are then sealed together in a tamper-proof plastic sleeve.

Other ways STAMP is revolutionizing the field of STa"M:

Training new Magihim • Developing and promoting fair trade standards
Publishing new seforim on STa”M • Offering financial guidance to Sofrim/Magihim
Hosting community education seminars on topics of STa”M
Providing a support network for Sofrim, Magihim and Rabbonim in Israel and abroad.

The OU is a partner and promoter of STAMP’s work. The OU symbol accompanies all STAMP-certified mezuzos to signify the OU’s approval of the supervision process.

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